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Winterland Ballroom
City: San Francisco, CA
United States
Date Opened: Jun 29, 1928
Date Closed: Dec 31, 1978
Concert Capacity: 5,400
Address: Corner of Post & Steiner Streets San Fransico, CA
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Venue Notes

Opened on June 29, 1928 as the New Dreamland Auditorium. The name was changed to 'Winterland' sometime in the late 1930s. The building was primarily used as an ice skating rink and entertainment venue. It also was used for opera, boxing, and tennis.

Winterland became Bill Graham's main concert venue in 1971 after he closed the Fillmore West.

I've seen references on the net to Winterland being demolished in 1982, 1985, and 1987. My guess would be 1981 since that was the year Grace Slick's "Welcome to the Wrecking Ball" LP came out and the photo shoot took place at the demolished Winterland site.

Apartments were built in Winterland's place at the corner of Post and Steiner.

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