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Fillmore West
City: San Francisco, CA
United States
Date Opened: Jul 5th, 1968
Date Closed: Jul 4th, 1971
Concert Capacity: 2,800
Address: 10 South Van Ness Avenue San Fransisco, CA
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Venue Notes

Originally known as the El Patio Ballroom and then the Carousel Ballroom (from 30's to 60s).

The Fillmore West was a ballroom on the second floor above a carpet store.

San Francisco Honda currently occupies the building today. A service and repair shop occupies what was once the Fillmore West ballroom on the 2nd floor.

The Fillmore West is often confused with the "original" Fillmore Auditorium location at the intersection of 1805 Geary Boulevard & Fillmore Street. Bill Graham promoted concerts at this location from 12/10/65 through 7/4/68 (and moved shows to the Carousel Ballroom/Fillmore West the next day, on 7/5/6Cool.

In the 70s, the original Fillmore Auditorium became a private neighborhood club and then a "punk" club in the early 1980s (called the "Elite Club"Wink. On 4/30/86 Husker Du opened up "The Fillmore" club under the ownership of Bert and Regina Kortz. On 3/3/88 Bill Graham Presents began promoting shows at The Fillmore again until the earthquake of 10/17/89 severely damaged the club and forced it to close.

On 4/27/94 the Smashing Pumpkins, Ry Cooder, David Lindley, American Music Club, & Linda Perry played the first show at the grand re-opening (again) of The Fillmore. The venue is still open today.

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Notes: Inside the Fillmore West at an Aretha Franklin show