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Whiskey A Go Go
City: Los Angeles, CA
United States
Date Opened: Jan 11, 1964
Date Closed: Still Open
Concert Capacity: 2,000
Address: 8901 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, California 90069
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Venue Notes

There is some dispute as to whether all four dates were actually played or not since the band was very ill, particularly Jimmy. In one interview Jimmy Page mentioned that they played all the dates but played only one set instead of two per night. In another interview, Robert Plant stated that the band was unable to play all the shows. It is pretty safe to say the band definitely played on January 2nd, 4th, & 5th. Jimmy mentioned that he played the first night with a 104 temperature. A tape exists of the January 5th show, and during the show Robert mentions playing there the night before. It is not known for certain whether they played the January 3rd show.

The Whisky a Go Go building was built in 1928. Before it became the Whisky a Go Go it housed a Bank of America and a nightclub called the Party.

Club included go go dancers inside a cage above the crowd.

It closed in September 1982 but reopened a two years later as a dance club. It converted back to a rock and roll club in 1986 and is still a popular nightspot on Sunset Strip.