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Jan 11, 1969
Venue: Fillmore West
City: San Francisco, CA
United States
Source Name: Soundboard
Type: Live Soundboard Recording
Master Media Type: Unknown
Length: 42 Minutes
Taper: Led Zeppelin
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Song Name: Communication Breakdown
Source Notes

The earliest circulating soundboard. The tape starts during a break where Jimmy is changing a string that he broke during the previous song which was either 'As Long as I Have you' or 'Train Kept a Rollin'

The sound quality is excellent although there is a faint sound of a different recording that is either a bleed through on the soundboard or something being picked up by the P.A. at the show itself. The recording is balanced and bright.

There is a jarring cut right smack in the middle of 'How Many More Times' where we lose a few minutes of music

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